Sunday, October 29, 2023

Winners and Gallery Faves (Case Files 410 - 417)

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our challenges! We loved looking through the albums at all your creative work.


Randomly selected from our May through August players:
Winner of the gift certificate donated by CSI - Barbara Barkelew Greenberg

To claim your prize, please send a private message with your email and address via the CSI Facebook Page (please do not contact Debbi on her personal Facebook Messenger) by December 4. Please also indicate which month and which prize you won. 

If you won the gift certificate from CSI, please let me know which store you would like the gift certificate to come from (it must accept Paypal).


Here are a few layouts that caught our eye, and we'd like to invite the creators to join us as Guest Detectives for an upcoming month:

Laura Gilhuly

Tatiana Lopez

Nelya Shos Take

Leslie Williams

Ali Thomas Steer

Please send a private message to Debbi on the CSI Facebook Page to let her know you'd like to guest design, and she'll send you the case Files.

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  1. Congratulations.... great scrap pages..!! :)