Thursday, April 15, 2021

April Case Files - Mid-Month Reveal | Deadline: May 4, 2021

Birds are chirping outside my window, and my cherry trees have buds, which means spring is in full swing, and we're halfway through April!

We're excited to bring you more inspiration, this time for our second Case File and our Cold Case. If you haven't yet had a chance to crack our first Case, no worries--all three of our Case Files stay open all month and even a few days into the next month----submissions will always be accepted by the 4th of the next month.


This month, we have six generous sponsors donating prizes! Click here to read more about our sponsors and the prizes they are donating. Winners will be selected randomly from all of our players, with a few exceptions where sponsors have asked us to choose from certain geographic regions.


We've got a mixed bag for our Case Files this month. April 1 is National Llama Day--April Fools! It's really not, but hey, llamas are cute, so why not? For our second Case File, we're celebrating April Showers, and for our Cold Case, we've got you covered for your Easter Photos. As always, you don't have to scrap these topics. Draw your own inspiration from The Scene on the Case File, or you can use the traditional clues, which can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

Image credit: June Erica Vess

Image credit: Annelies Draws

Image credit: ForGoAt

The traditional CSI clues can be found on our Facebook page in the first entry under the album. Just click on the Case File images above. They are also posted at the bottom of this reveal.

To submit your layouts, click on the Case Files in our sidebar, which will bring you to the individual albums in our Facebook group.


We're honored to have some members of  CUT to YOU and 2Crafty design teams joining us as Guest Detectives this month! 


And now, are you ready for some serious inspiration? Here's what our design team and guest designers created with this month's second Case File. 

The talented Guest Detectives from the 2Crafty design team expertly cracked the Case. 

How Charmane solved the Case: I was inspired by the water(rain) clue and combined with the food, I thought my son fishing would be a great interpretation as we don’t experience much rain in the Pilbara, West Australia. My architectural element was the 2Crafty chipboard Lighthouse and lots of Watercolour used.

The CSI design team masterfully cracked the Case. We'll share how they solved the Case on Facebook.

And here's how everyone solved the Cold Case:

Guest Detective Charmane, from the 2Crafty design team created this beauty:

How Charmane solved the Case: I 
was inspired to create an Easter layout from the image with Bunnies, Foliage, Stencil, Ribbon and give all a Shabby chic look.

And the design team rocked the Cold Case too:


Choose as many or as few as you are inspired to use! You don't have to use all of the categories of clues. use what inspires you, or challenge yourself to use as many clues as you can. Or just use the image to inspire you as you wish!

Testimony Link: Bzoink Question

Testimony Link: April Prompt

We trust we've provided enough clues for you to solve the Cases! You have until May 4, 2021, to solve this case. We can't wait to see what you'll create! Upload your creations in our Facebook Group (album links in sidebar).

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