Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Under Surveillance - March Case Files

Thank you to everyone who participated in our March challenges. We have chosen our favorite layouts from the March Case Files.

Congratulations to all of our members who are highlighted! 
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Here are our favorites from Major Case File No. 225. Here's a reminder of the Case File they used:

Tell your story. It's our tagline, and here at CSI, it's one of our missions to get our members to delve deeper into journaling--to document the meaningful bits and pieces that make up our lives. We would like to shine a special spotlight each week on a member who did an exceptional job telling their story. And we'd like to thank Scrapbook Fantasies for donating a wonderful prize to our Star Witness for each Case File. 

Star Witnesses, please send me your mailing address via private message on our CSI Facebook page for your prize.

We loved Lynette's beautiful layout and all the wings that are symbols for her story. The quote she chose is perfect, and we loved reading the story behind this page: "I used the inspiration words "fly" and "dream". The journaling on the front is a quote by Erin Hanson that says; "There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" The story behind this. Those that have followed my blog for a long time know that we are in full time ministry to the homeless and the addicted...that will always be a high calling from God and therefore the priority in my life. Over the years people have asked me whether I will put kits together or teach and my answer is always that "I know what I am and I know what I am not." Last year when Cariena asked me to pray about joining her for a mini event at Silverlakes in Pretoria...I wasn't too sure that it was the right thing. My darling husband urged me to go and do it...as long as whatever I do gives glory to the Lord...so I did it and loved every moment."

For each Case File, three of our favorite layouts will be chosen to feature as our "Most Wanted." There were so many awesome submissions for this Case File, we couldn't choose only three, so we're presenting our favorite five.

Laetitia Pauchet


Carrie Williams

2017 0305 Thuria - CSI case file (crop)

And a few more that caught our eye:

And here are our favorites from Case File No. 226. Here is a reminder of the Case File they used:

Gunilla R

We loved the way Gunilla documented her Easter traditions, both through the title and detailed journaling. Here's what she wrote on her journaling card: Why do I always have feeling of happiness at Easter? Partly because the Eastern-celebration after a long winter. Then it's so wonderful to meet everyone! My family and my parents and siblings. The tradition in our home is that we should be searching for Easter eggs (with candies inside the egg), and I hid up one of the eggs in a tree. My own idea is to photograph the place where I hid the egg and then send an sms with the photo to someone. I love sweets and it includes Eastern eggs (specially the dragee eggs candies). I am also happy that the flowers start to come and would like to plant and see how it sprouts in the garden. In addition to the family I am happy to hang out with the dog Billy and his friend Q-tip.

Here are our three favorites for this Case File:


And a few more that caught our eye:

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