Monday, September 10, 2018

Under Surveillance - Our Favorites from August

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our challenges last month. We have chosen our favorite layouts inspired by the August Case Files.

Congratulations to all of our players who are highlighted! You can grab your badges here.

Here are our favorites from Case File No. 259. Here's a reminder of the Case File they used:

For each Case File, three of our favorite layouts are chosen to feature as our "Most Wanted." (We had some ties for this Case File, so we are featuring five here.)

Gunilla R

Veana R

Lauren Mullarkey

Carolyn Haswell

Tell your story. It's our tagline, and here at CSI, it's one of our missions to get our members to delve deeper into journaling--to document the meaningful bits and pieces that make up our lives. We would like to shine a special spotlight each week on a member who did an exceptional job telling their story. And we'd like to thank Scrapbook Fantasies for donating a wonderful prize to our Star Witness for each Case File.

Lauren Mullarkey
We think Lauren's page design is a brilliant way to showcase so many beautiful photos as well as detail the specifics of her many adventures.

Here are a few more that caught our eye...

And here are our favorites from Case File No. 260. Here's a reminder of the Case File they used:

Stacy Daubenberger

Lynette Jacobs
Yogiki (Ulia)

Carolyn Haswell

We love that Gunilla wrote so many details about the special celebration of midsummer eve in Sweden and that she incorporated her journaling into her page design. We love all the thoughtfully chosen details Gunilla uses to embellish her page that further help to tell the story.