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Case File No. 255 - Deadline: June 30, 2018

Happy June! We're excited to start a new month. At CSI, that means new challenges, new sponsors, and new guest designers.

Our challenges stay open all month long. And did you know that you are welcome to submit as many layouts as you'd like for the challenges?

So, are you ready for the new challenge? Grab you forensics kits, CSI players, and get ready for some serious sleuthing as we open Case File No. 255.


Did you know June 1 is Donut Day? Hey, any day is a good day to celebrate with a donut, but here at CSI, we're celebrating with a delightful Case File inspired by California designer Lianna Hee.

Feel free to interpret the Case File in any way that inspires you, or for our traditional clues, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

For our Russian players, Detective Anastasia has translated our Case File into Russian:

Правила на русском языке вы можете прочитать здесь.


We're so excited to have fifteen generous sponsors this month! Our sponsors are among the best in the crafting industry, offering unique and trendy products. CLICK HERE to read more about these generous sponsors and the prizes they're donating.


We're excited have talented design team members from Mixed-Up Mag, Newton's Nook, and Scrapmatts joining us this month as Guest Detectives!


So...are you ready for some serious inspiration?

Our inspiring Guest Detectives from 2Crafty solved the Case like this:

Bec's blog

Kripa's blog

Elena's blog
How Elena solved the Case File: I used The color Scheme , elements: Solid white background, stripes, dots, circles, sea animals, stars, texture paste

Emma's blog

Kareen's blog

Our Guest Detectives from the Cocoa Vanilla Design Team brilliantly solved the Case File:

Amanda-Jayne's blog
How Amanda-Jayne solved the Case File: I have used the CVS Bohemian Dream collection, and was totally inspired by the image of the ballerina and the colors in the design.

Anna's blog
How Anna solved the Case File: I was inspired by the stripes of color on the picture so I copied them into my page using watercolors. I used solid white background and rows of hearts.

Tarrah's blog

How Tarrah solved the Case File: I was inspired by the colours and also the scallops on the dress

The fab design team from FabScraps solved the Case like this:

Denise's blog

Gerry's blog
How Gerry solved the Case File: For the evidence:  I started with the white background which is a bit of a challenge for me in itself, somehow I always keep adding colour and elements until there is no white left. 😊 I added some stripes and circles with the same ink I used for the background. I made little splats with the ink to mimic the sprinkles. I used circles with a bubble die-cut. And I used flowers which are not on the list but these flowers are circle flowers that you have to roll to assemble and circles were on the list. I combined glitter, texture paste and hearts by adding the glitter paste hearts and made little dots again to mimic the sprinkles with the glitter texture paste

For the Testimony: I have my journaling on a tag with circles in strips (almost stripes) and I used some food sayings for the topic and used 2 of the inspiration words in a bit of an art journaling style.

For the colours I used FabScraps moments in time paper C 105 001 and 002 which has pink purple and blue in it and ink to use all the colours from the colour scheme

Check out Gerry's process video:

Our Guest Detectives from the Imagine Crafts design team imaginatively solved the Case:

Elina's blog

Jennifer's blog

Jowilna's blog

How Jowilna solved the Case File: Evidence: solid white background, scallops, hearts, dots, circles, texture paste. Testimony: Juggling life; journaling in a circle; inspiration words for my title

Martha Lucia's blog

The inspiring design team from Lindy's Gang solved the Case File like this:

Anat's blog

Caroline's blog

Valerie's blog

How Valerie solved the Case File: I was inspired by the colors and by some evidences (the white background, the hearts, sprinkles, ribbons)

Our Guest Detectives from the Scrapmatt's design team rocked the Case File:

How Lizzy solved the Case File: I have documented about a food i.e. a donut birthday cake for my Daughters birthday.  I have used the colors. I have also used a solid white back ground, scallops, dots, bow, donut (in the photos ) glitter glue, circles, stars and starburst, texture paste, and mimiked the sprinkles on the donuts by splats on the back ground.

Tania's blog

Here is how the CSI Detectives have expertly cracked the case. You can read more about how the Case File inspired them on their blogs (links on sidebar).

How Annie solved the Case File: I started old-school with this one, then went off-piste a bit! Went navy instead of purple and threw in some green and touches of copper. Started with solid white cardstock then layered on top of it. Used scallops, stripes and ribbon, documented about food and journaled on a tag. This is pic of myself looking very proud of my finds on a Forest Fungi Foray.

How Sylvia solved the Case File: It's weird what serves as a hook for inspiration. In this case the colours of course, but also the way that seal (Is it a seal?)lifts that tray. I thought about lifting and even if you can't really see it in this shot my daughter is sitting in my son's lap. (This is the good shot I got, in the others she is so exuberant in her love that he's crushed...😁) My thoughts kept wandering. My journalling reads: the relationship between siblings is often the longest relationship of our lives. It shapes us and teaches us how we want to relate to others -how we meet others and how in return we may be met. When we think we help our siblings we actually help and lift ourselves in the process. We grow our character. (Getting crushed in such a loving exuberance is a good experience 😂)

How Carina solved the Case File: As you clearly can see I really loved the color scheme to this casefile. But the inspiration for my layout came when I saw the donuts that the girl is juggling with and it got me thinking about my goal to loose some weight and live a healthier life. So I made a page about a cycle race I did a couple of weeks ago with a dear friend of mine. Funny how your mind works sometimes when it comes to inspiration and ideas...

How Nina solved the Case File: I love this photo. So typical my daughter that age. Loved to make faces, and loved to pose for the camera:-) For testimony I chose to document something about about food. For evidence I used solid white background,scallops, stripes and food accents. I used all the colours and also added some red.

How Vivian solved the Case File: For this combo, I actually freestyled!! Well, sort of, anyways. I used 4 of the 5 colours and added in the red to match the middles of the white flowers on the floral print. I loved that paper and wanted to use it for this layout. I also really loved the bird over the title, so that's where I pulled the awesome yellow title letters from. I couldn't figure out how to pull the deep purple in, so in the end I chose to leave it out. 

I used 9 of the evidence clues to help solve this case! The photos were inspired by the word "Playful" and the journaling reflects on my feelings about my oldest daughters boyfriend.

How Ginger solved the Case File: I have been wanting to do a layout of my grandson Jaxson at the Bluebonnet festival. Texas state flower is the Bluebonnets and they are go gorgeous. Well the colors that we needed to use match the little photos so well.

How Debbi solved the Case File: I had just recently purchased a sticker sheet from Echo Park's Imagine That collection, which has many of the colors in the Case File, and when I saw that there were lots of animals on that sticker sheet, I decided that would be my starting place. From there, I chose several of the traditional Evidence clues, including: stripes, hearts, bows, rhinestones, animals, glitter, and stars.

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How Patty solved the Case File: I was inspired by the beautiful combination of colors and a portrait of my daughter at thirteen years of age.

How Lisa-Marie solved the Case File: I loved working with this palette as it's a perfect combination of my and my daughters' favourite colours! I took inspiration from the food aspect (she's a chocolate FIEND!). I incorporated a paper doily to mimic the skirt of the performer and I also added some hearts to echo the dainty and feminine aspect of the image. I used circles and some flowers to soften the whole look of my layout.

How Laura solved the Case File: Went old school, working in several evidence prompts and my journaling is in the form of a haiku.

How Natsuko solved the Case File: This is my daugher baking:) She could barely wait to eat because it smelled so good in the oven and was so hungry!! For the evidence, I used solid white background, rhinestones, dots, ribbon,donut and texture paste. I added extra photos under the pictures. They will open by sliding the brad stopper.

How Wendy solved the Case File: I looked at the donuts being juggled and it inspired me to use lots of circles! So I searched through my stencils and found a variety of shapes and sizes. The jugglers skirt had scallops so out come the punches! The chipboard circle and the photo worked in with the testimony prompt!

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How Kim solved the Case File: I took inspiration from the colors and the shape of the donuts. I incorporated circles and I used some of the clues (rhinestones, embossing).

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

How Libeeti solved the Case File: I was inspired by the colors, and the dress of the girl, which reminded me of the princess' dress at Disneyland Paris.I went with the old school way, and my clues were solid white background, stripes and dots (the stencil), glitter, texture paste, people embellishments. I've placed my journaling on the circular part of the small doilies.

Choose as few or as many as you are inspired to use!

  • solid white background
  • scallops
  • stripes
  • hearts
  • dots
  • rhinestones
  • ribbons/bows
  • circles
  • donut (or other food accents)
  • decorative border
  • seal or other animal
  • glitter
  • stars/starburst/ asterisk
  • texture paste
  • heat embossing
  • people embellishments
  • crown
  • mimic the sprinkles on the donuts
  • Topic: Document something about food or a meal.
  • Prompt Idea: Get inspired at Three Word Wednesday (inspired by the 3 donuts in the air). Be sure to scroll down or use the archives to get the words. 
  • Presentation: Add your journaling to a circular journaling spot or tag.
  • Writing Format: Write a haiku (inspired by the 3 donuts in the air).
  • Inspiration Words: sparkle, playful, juggle
  • 86.144.158 – teal
  • 185.226.212 – pale turquoise
  • 255.255.255 – bright white
  • 211.149.174 – pinkish purple
  • 90.75.108 – dark violet

We trust we've left enough clues for you to solve the case!

The deadline for completing this Case File is Saturday, June 30, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Be sure to link your layout using the link tool in the sidebar, and mention the Evidence and Testimony clues you used. Also, please title your link with your name and country.


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