Monday, May 1, 2017

Major Case File No. 229 - Deadline: May 31, 2017

Happy May! What a happy, sunny time to be alive!

With a new month beginning, we present our Major Case File, which features an awesome Composite Sketch created just for CSI by The Nifty Pixel. This challenge will stay open for the entire month. We've also got a brand-new line up of sponsors and a Special Investigator too!

So, are you ready for the new challenge? Grab you forensics kits, CSI players, and get ready for some serious sleuthing as we open Major Case File No. 229.


Did you know that May 1st is Lemonade Day? With that in mind, we've got a refreshing, sweet Scene found at Spoonflower.

Remember to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this reveal post for RGB codes, color descriptions, and more detailed explanations of the Evidence and Testimony prompts.

For our Russian players, Detective Anastasia has translated our Case File into Russian:

Правила на русском языке вы можете прочитать здесь.


We're so excited to have ten generous sponsors this month! Our sponsors are among the best in the crafting industry, offering unique and trendy products. CLICK HERE to read more about these generous sponsors and the prizes they're donating.


We are thrilled to have the design team from The Cut Shoppe join us this month as Guest Detectives! We also have a Special Investigator, a talented player here at CSI: Tracy B.

Here's a little bit about Tracey, in her own words:

Hi, I’m Tracey from Melbourne, Australia, and I am a mother, scrapbooker, world traveller, and Detective (in real life!), not necessarily always in that order. I have been scrapping for about 13 years, and my 17-year-old son was my greatest source of inspiration until he became photo phobic about 3 years ago. Now no-one is safe.

As a former fitter & turner familiar with technical drawings, when I first started scrapping I favoured a very graphic style and struggled to even place my photo on an angle. My style has evolved with lots of mixed media being thrown in now. It’s still rare though that my photo is angled!

Be sure to check out Tracey's work on her blog, Plodscrap.

So...are you ready for some serious inspiration?

Here is how Special Investigator Tracey B creatively solved the Case File:

Tracey's blog

The talented team from The Cut Shoppe solved the Case like this:

Kelly's blog

This is how the CSI Detectives have expertly cracked the case:

Wendy's blog

Debbi's blog

Anastasia's blog

Gail's blog

Ginny's blog

Patty's blog

Lisa-Marie's blog

Laura's blog

Nina's blog

  • 138.207.212 - turquoise
  • 255.255.255 - white
  • 242.223.23 – bright lemon yellow
  • 218.242.242 – pale, pale blue
  • 114.114.114 - gray
  • Plain cardstock
  • Stripes 
  • Lemon or other fruit 
  • Clouds, sun, raindrops 
  • Banners, bunting 
  • Bike, plane, or other transport 
  • Flowers 
  • Arrows 
  • Something loopy 
  • Puffy stickers 
  • Word/phrase stickers
  • Topic: Document something about summer.
  • Prompt Idea: Choose a random question to answer.
  • Presentation: Use a loopy cursive for your journaling.
  • Writing Format: Use repetition for your journaling. See Vivian’s awesome journaling as an example.
  • Inspiration Words: bright, sweet, smile--use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.
COMPOSITE SKETCH - Feel free to rotate, substitute elements, etc., but use as inspiration for your page.

We trust we've left enough clues for you to solve the case!

The deadline for completing this Case File is Wednesday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Be sure to link your layout using the link tool in the sidebar, and mention the Evidence and Testimony clues you used. Also, please title your link with your name and country.